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We help companies, foundations, organizations and impact investors to develop strategies to measure, report and improve their social impact.


What we do


Impact Strategy

Which impact challenge are you trying to tackle and how can you best go about it? We support organisations in developing strategies to determine how they can make a meaningful difference. Developing a Theory of Change facilitates this process and clarifies which short term decisions and activities will lead to which positive changes in the long term, and why. 


Impact Reporting

Do you want to know what impact you have had with your organisation or project? We will help you to find out and articulate your contribution to change. We draw on our extensive experience in impact research and data analysis and use both qualitative and quantitative research methods. Together we determine what data collection, valuation methods and tools work best for you to come to a strong and validated impact report.


Impact Management

What insights can we draw from your data and how can you use these insights to continuously improve the performance of your organisation? Impact data can be translated into concrete actions and policies that help you achieve more positive social impact. Therefore we support you to build an impact management system for your organisation and give advice on how impact management can be structurally embedded in your organisation.

Our Customers


Our Work

Europeana Foundation

Europeana Foundation approached Sinzer to set up and sharpen its impact strategy. Together with Europeana Foundation, Sinzer developed an Impact Playbook, an impact tool that enables European Cultural Heritage Institutions to work with measuring their impact. 

Photo by WOMEN Inc.

Photo by WOMEN Inc.


For WOMEN inc. Sinzer mapped out the results and effects of the Gender & Health Alliance. Sinzer provided a qualitative report describing the effects analysis of 5 years of alliance work.

About Us

Our mission is to help organizations understand and improve their impact. For us, impact management is not about writing a one-off report that disappears on a shelf. Instead, we believe that impact management should be embedded in everyday organizational processes to drive strategic decision making. This is how we support organizations to have more sustainable impact on people and the environment.

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"Understanding the impact of culture on society is vital for the success of our organization as it is the currency in which we trade. Sinzer has helped us to get to terms with this complex topic. What I particularly liked about their approach is that they use tested frameworks but are not dogmatic about it, they make it work for you and your specific situation. We are thrilled to be partners."



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