Increasingly charities, social enterprises, companies and social investors such as funds and municipalities want to show and validate the impact of their work. It is crucial to know what works and what does not work.

Measuring impact plays an important role in this. We measure what matters. Involving stakeholders to understand what changes from their perspective is crucial. It ensures that organizations are accountable for the change that is caused by them, both intentionally and unintentionally.Sinzer offers tailor-made advice, always with goals that are both practical and ambitious.

The consistent measurement and reporting of impact enables organizations to:

  • make improvements that maximize impact

  • make better and informed decisions

  • attract new funding

  • Be accountability to stakeholders (such as financiers)

  • Communicate better about the change they are making

Our core values are:

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We are sincere:

We strive to support our clients in providing a sincere (of which Sinzer is an abbreviation) picture of the social and environment impact of their organisation and strive to offer constructive criticism as to where our clients stand on their way to impact maturity;

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We have (a lot of) energy:

We are a team of energizers with one goal: maximizing social and environmental impact;


We guide:

We support our clients, our team members and our partners to continue to learn and improve in order to maximize social and environmental impact;


We are thought leaders:

We have in-depth knowledge of impact management and have been thought leaders on the subject both nationally as internationally since 2008.


We share

We are open and share our knowledge through blogs, case studies and e-books with the aim of contributing to a professionalization and maturing of the impact management field;


We are Sinzer