Embedding impact management at Windesheim Honours College

An explanation of our assignment

WHC sessie.png

Windesheim Honours College (WHC) approached Sinzer with three questions: How can we better understand the impact we’re creating? How can we communicate this more clearly? And, how can we secure the impact expertise of our lecturers and make this part of our curriculum?

In short, we organized a serie of three interactive masterclasses for lecturers and MT containing impact theory and practical assignments. The WHC as a programme served as case study what made this assignment an efficient and alternate co-creation. Firstly, Sinzer developed a Theory of Change what will serve as a strategy document. Thereafter, a framework was developed containing process decisions as well as a full view on WHC’s impact management strategy. All crucial documents for future decision making.


Session one contained an introduction to impact as a concept in the broadest sense; what is meant with it, how can you approach it, what are trends and where do you start with impact measurement. Session two focused on the impact map, with indicators and the aspect of validation. Lastly, session three was all about data collection, methods of analysis and reporting. With these three full days we discussed the full circle of impact management. The team of lecturers and management immediately used the concepts in practical assignments aligned with their own case study.  

Theory of Change WHC

WHC is a four-year programme that results in a Bachelor in Business Administration. Students take courses on project- and change management. Next to theoretical courses, students work on ‘real-life’ projects by following an internship or executing a research. There is a specific semester named ‘Value Creators’ in which students work on these projects or research for (international & local) organisations. Those projects always have strong link to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). WHC wants to be a front runner on SDG- education and works towards an international and innovative SDG Campus. Sinzer assisted by structuring the goals and activities in long-term, short-term outcomes (effects), outputs and corresponding indicators. Based on this structure, a Theory of Change is developed. By working with a concrete case, high-level concepts immediately became more tangible and easier to fully grasp. This resulted in a visually appealing one-pager:

Visualisatie WHC.png

The next part of the assignment focused on the embedding of impact – within WHC as a programme and within their curriculum. Together we’re developing a data collection strategy. It starts with a thorough analysis of what type of measurements are already in place, and whether they can be re-used or adjusted. Other aspects to decide on are a clear division of tasks and responsibilities following all the steps of data collection, analysis and improving. Another part of the goal to embed impact at WHC’ will be a workshop template for students. This will be a crash course with practical Do’s and Don’ts that can be used by all lectures.  

Concluding, this assignment includes almost all aspects of Sinzer’s services: advise and assist with an impact strategy, co-creating a structure of data collection, reporting and make immediate practical use of this. We enjoy these type of assignments as they enable us to work on impact as a continuous process. This assignment is the full package of impact management and ensures impact is firmly embedded within WHC.

Interested in such an impact management masterclass, or serie of masterclasses?