Impact reporting of investment portfolio aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

The ‘Hivos Food and Lifestyle Fund’ of Hivos Impact Investments invest in the ‘missing middle’: early-stage SMEs in Southern Africa with innovative solutions in food and lifestyle sector from-farm-to-fork. Through these investments, the fund aims to realise both a financial return as well as social impact related to less food loss, improved diets, less soil degradation and contributing to fair and sustainable jobs and improved livelihoods in the region.

In 2017 Sinzer supported Hivos Impact Investments in developing a Theory of Change (ToC) for the Fund, that describes how the investments realise the envisioned impacts and how this contributes to several of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Additionally, we developed an indicator framework and implemented this in the Sinzer software tool, which is currently being used to monitor realization of impact per investment as well as aggregated impact for the portfolio as a whole, which is used as management information (are we realizing the impact we envision, and can we do better?) as well as to feed into quarterly impact reports for several stakeholders.