Our team of driven professionals has strong cross-sector knowledge and is up to date on the latest impact reporting and sustainability trends. Sinzer has been a thought-leader in the impact sector for over 10 years. Our people regularly contribute to (international) knowledge projects, such as the Impact Management Project, that brings together people from different sectors to create and agree on shared fundamentals about impact.


Marlon van Dijk:
Managing Director

Marlon studied Business Economics and Social Entrepreneurship in Amsterdam and has been involved with Sinzer (formerly know as social e-valuator™) since the start in 2008 of the enterprise in various roles: consultant, trainer and business developer.

Marlon has inspired many organisations to at value creation from a broader perspective: both financial and non-financial. It’s her mission to motivate organisations to maximise the social and environmental value they create and to be accountable to stakeholders.

As Managing Director she works closely with the team to accomplish her mission. Marlon is co-owner of Sinzer and together with Emma Verheijke part of the Management Team.

Email: marlon@sinzer.org

Tel: (+31) 6 31 01 04 01


Emma Verheijke:
Managing Director

As one of Sinzer’s directors Emma combines several roles: she is responsible for strategy and product development, as well as advises and trains a varying portfolio of clients (i.a. charities, (corporate) foundations and impact investors) in both impact strategy as impact assessment. Most of her advise focuses on larger organisations with a multitude of activities, such as ABN AMRO Foundation, as well as aligning strategy and impact with the Sustainable Development Goals, for clients like Hivos Impact Investments and StartGreen Capital. 

After studying International Relations and Business Administration in Utrecht and Australia, Emma spent several years in the healthcare sector working on large-scale outcome evaluations and strategic advise to health insurers. In her spare time Emma sits on the board of ActionAid.

Email: emma@sinzer.org

Tel: (+31) 6 54 39 73 63


Nina Koopman
Social Impact Consultant & Business Developer

Nina studied politics and anthropology at University College Utrecht and UCSB has a Master Degree in International Relations from the University of Amsterdam.

Over the last 10 years she worked at different (international) impact organisations and has gained extensive experience in program development, project management, evaluations, setting up partnerships, business development and as a trainer.

At Sinzer she is can draw from this experience and supports clients like Europeana, ABN AMRO Foundation and Women Inc. in defining and improving their positive impact on society. Nina lived and worked in various places across the globe, including India, South Africa, Madagascar and Paris.

Email: nina@sinzer.org

Tel: (+31) 6 52 45 14 56


Vincent Belgraver:
Social Impact Consultant

As a planning, monitoring and evaluation specialist, Vincent developed various impact strategies and carried out impact evaluations for municipalities, charities and healthcare providers including the municipality of Nijmegen, IMC Weekendschool and youth mental health care organization Karakter. In his work he uses innovative approaches such as outcome harvesting. Vincent currently coordinates the monitoring and evaluation of Act4Respect (a five-year alliance program of knowledge centers Rutgers and Atria) and TRANSIT (a care innovation project of the Radboud Academic Medical Center, among others). For Oxfam Novib he provided impact management training in Nigeria and Somalia. Vincent holds a Master's degree (cum laude) in International Development Studies.

Email: vincent@sinzer.org

Tel: (+31) 6 14 84 39 54


Kirsten van Reisen:
Social Impact Consultant

After her Bachelor at University College Utrecht, Kirsten helped War Child Holland measure their impact during a year in Uganda, and went on to study Health, Community and Development at the London School of Economics. She then joined NCDO where she studied the effectiveness of a large Oxfam programme, with a strong focus on strategic advice. Kirsten believes in translating impact research into actionable advice, so her next step was to work for Andersson Elffers Felix, a consultancy advising the Dutch government on a broad range of subjects. At Sinzer, she uses her experience to help organisations like Women Inc and Utrecht Municipality to strategize about their impact. Climate change is the key issue that Kirsten likes to work on most, and she has spent a year working hands-on in ecosystem restoration and regenerative agriculture.

Email: kirsten@sinzer.org

Tel: (+31) 6 55 95 37 34


Nelline Roest:
Social Impact Consultant

Within Sinzer Nelline has mainly been involved in projects for charity organisations, such as the Dutch Cancer Society, Lung Foundation Netherlands, ‘CrisisCard’, and Women Inc. Nelline has extensive experience in facilitating workshops and focus groups, creating impact frameworks and questionnaires, data analysis and impact reports. Additionally she is involved in providing impact management advice to a variety of parties such as social entrepreneurs within the municipality of Utrecht and impact investors such as Truvalu (ICCO).

Nelline studied International Relations and International Development Studies in Groningen, Colombia and Wageningen.

Email: nelline@sinzer.org

Tel: (+31) 6 10 69 11 22


Joyce Lagerweij
Social Impact Consultant

Joyce has extensive experience in strategy development, program management and evaluation of multi-stakeholder projects aimed towards social change. At Sinzer, she supports organisations with increasing their social impact by providing guidance in impact strategy development, advising on impact management and through carrying out impact evaluations. She gained experience in impact strategy and evaluation for journalistic and cultural clients at Impact Makers. Before that, Joyce was Manager Education at World Press Photo and responsible for the department’s strategy which worked towards a more inclusive international media landscape and the PMEL-cycli which provided insights into the impact made by the department’s programs. Joyce has a background in social sciences and communication and information studies.

Email: joyce@sinzer.org

Tel: (+31) 6 11 60 89 18

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Ebe Blok:
Social Impact Consultant

During his bachelor Public Administration in Leiden Ebe completed the Minor Sustainable Development. This minor woke his passion for sustainability, after which he studied Industrial Ecology at the TU Delft. By request of an energy company he conducted a research on the social impacts of the energy-transition through the concepts of Energy Justice. His knowledge on both the qualitative and the quantitative aspects of sustainability have proven useful in the several environmental cost-benefit analyses he has conducted during his studies.

Email: ebe@sinzer.org
Tel: (+31) 6 83 13 75 54


Jurre Anema:
Social Impact Consultant

Jurre has a Bachelor degree in Science, Business & Innovation, which was the groundwork for an academic career on wide-ranging topics. During his Masters in Sociology and (Public Policy) Economics he developed an extensive range of research skills. He has experience with both quantative and qualitative research at various organizations. This is illustrated by his research internships at both nanotechnology valorisator Nanonow and sex worker rights' funds Red Umbrella Fund. His broad background and social interest come together in the field of impact.

Email: jurre@sinzer.org
Tel: (+31) 6 83 14 35 79

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Ruben van den Bemt: 
Assistent Product Manager

Ruben studied Commerce and is currently enrolled in Culture, Organization & Management in Amsterdam.

He works on optimizing Sinzers software platform to increase the user experience. Together with a dedicated software team who are located in Hyderabad, India, he improves the platform used for measuring social impact by applying new solutions and features.

Measuring impact appeals to him as he believes in a better future where organizations are more committed to positive social and environmental impact.

Email: ruben@sinzer.org


Maruthi Siva Prasad:
Senior Developer

Maruthi has almost ten years of experience as software engineer and has been working as lead developer on the Sinzer tool since its development in 2013.


Ram Mohana Rao Chandika:
Senior Developer

Ram has a lot of experience as software engineer and has worked on many different products. Together with Maruthi he understands the Sinzer tool in great detail.